About us

Our company was established in the year 1979 and operated also as a classical advertising agency for a few years. Since 1993, the operations were expanded to include the management of events and conventions. Warehouse premises and workshops were expanded successively and with the help of a larger team of core employees, large projects now are also managed simultaneously.

At the same time, cooperation at the partnership level also developed with PCOs, AV companies, industrial and large carpentry workshops, agencies and suppliers for specialised services in the domains of event and convention management.
This pool of experts having experience in the domains of trade fairs and events provides planning security and guarantee for the professional execution of your projects.

With the registered office at Munich, we work all over Germany and Europe on a range of diverse and exciting projects and installations.
We are passionate about creating astonishing visual displays, building innovative design solutions and providing an exceptional service from A to Z. Our in-house team of expert designers, stand builders, carpenters and project managers will help develop and challenge your brief, to ensure you get the best solution based on your budget.

We help to secure your success in the long term.


  • Approximately 5,800 m2 of total area for studio, production, warehousing and logistics
  • Fleet of transporters and trucks
  • Graphics studio equipped with printers for large pictures, plotters and equipment for pre-processing digital prints
  • 9 permanent employees and 1-50 freelance workers
  • Network of international and European partner companies